Putting the spirit of joy into printed things one pattern at a time

Based in South Staffordshire in a small pink studio, I create original patterns that are hand printed onto fabrics, paper and other useful things for the home. Printing workshops heald throughout the year at inspiring locations.

I’ve been busy printing and making these patterned cushions and wooden boxes  for the shop this week, do have a look in the shop!


Making and creating feeds the soul and even though I’m biased, printing really is the best kind of food.. 


Workshop Up Dates…

Due to the current situation my Spring & Summer workshops are on hold- being optimistic I’m keeping my September workshops open for booking. I hope we are back to normal very soon, until then …

Book for September here


Handcrafted rhythmic patterns adding personality, interest, fun even, to everything they are printed on. See my pattern library here.



Get chatting with me for more the 5 minutes and you’ll discover I’m incredibly inspired and influenced by the artists of the interwar years. I read a Victoria & Albert book called ‘Patterns for Paper’ and fell down an amazing rabbit hole… I discovered print and pattern makers  like Lovat Fraser, Edward Bawden, Enid Marx, Barren & Larcher and Peggy Angus! These artists have had a lasting affect on me and inspire and influence a lot of my patterns.  Read more of my journal here


Bay, Pomegranate, Annie’s Blue, Perfect Pink, Deep, Strawberry Pink and Coral all are my current colour crushes. All patterns are available in all colours. They are printed on paper,  fabric  & other useful things for the home, shop here


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