Collection: Rhythm  

A collection of rhythmic repeating patterns, inspired by unusal objects, vintage pieces and Italian furniture design. All of my patterns start out as a hand carved lino block, designs are available on a range of items in my shop,  they are also available digitally for licencing.

Flora Stripe

Developing the ‘Flora’ design, I have played with positive and negatives and added a background stripe. Flora Stripe is shown here in Mouse.


This design reflects a decorative teacup and saucer that caught my eye, at the Museum of China in Ironbridge. Teacup is shown here in white on a Bay back ground.

Sozzi Stripe

Named after Sozzi Romeo an Italian furntiture designer, it was the handle on a  cupboard door of one of his pieces caught my eye. Sozzi Stripe is shown here in Chartreuse.

Sozzi Dot

Dots and dashes have been added to the original ‘Sozzi Stripe’ design, shown here in Velvet Pink.


A design created in Devon, whilst on holiday. Devon is shown here in Sky.

Bird & Biscuits

I hord interior magazines, a constant source of inspiration. I spotted some metal  flying birds on the wall of artist, Bethan Laura Wood in a copy of House & Garden from 2012. The circles in this design remind me of the pink marshmallow biscuits, therefore its called Bird & Biscuits. Its shown here in Bay, Deep and Pewter. 


Inspired by an image I saw of an antique fishing spear. I took the simple elements of the spear and repeated them in this simple format. Brackish means slightly salty water, its shown here in Perfect Pink.