Handprinted wallpaper is an extremely special thing indeed, designs that are hand crafted, registered by eye and printed by hand give an incredibly unique feel to an interior.  My wallpaper is produced using the same traditional methods such as those used by Peggy Angus and Enid Marx in the 1950’s and 60’s. As Peggy Angus said “No two prints, even from the same block, are exactly alike. The subtle irregularity in the pressure of the printers hand can never be matched by the machine”. 

Keeping the artisan craft of creating wallpaper by hand alive, is incredibly important to me and as such I’ve recently become a member of the Heritage Craft Organisation. 

Unlike traditional rolls of wallpaper, my handprinted wallpaper comes in pre-cut drops, not a continuous roll. This ensures that pattern matching is as accurate as possible, there is less waste, and it also cuts out one of the jobs you or your decorator must do before you start.

There are two drop lengths for you to choose from 2.5 m and 3.0 m and if you are blessed with extremely high ceilings, please get in touch to order a bespoke drop size. If  you would like help calculating the amount of wallpaper you will need, please email with your project details.


Sozzi Stripe

Shown in Velvet Pink

Birds & Biscuits

Shown in Bay

Lyme Road

Shown in Lettuce


Shown in Perfect Pink


Shown in Banoffee

All designs are  available in all signature colours, see them on the Colour Chart.


Shown in Sky

Elevate your space,  bring a sense of joy, charm & energy into your room with hand printed patterns.