A little home for all my patterns that are not part of my curated collections.

Nearly all of my designs can be printed onto lampshades, fabric by the meter or panels of wallpaper. I’m working on bringing fabrics and wallpapers to my website, in the mean time please get in touch for prices and samples.


My first ever lino print, designed and printed at a workshop with Vanessa Arbuthnott. The workshop took place at Vanessa’s home and The Tallet is the name of Vanessa’s house.

Created in  June 2014


This design was part of the logo for my original Interior Design Business, I made a lino block and played around with the repeat. I’ve always referred to it as Flora. 

Created in Dec 2015


I carved this pattern whilst my boys were watching the England v Sweden football match,  in the 2018 World Cup! I escaped unmissed for a couple of hours on a very hot summers day.

Created July 2018

Flora Stripe

I wanted to explore negative and positive space within the same pattern. So, I adapted the original Flora pattern to come up with this design

Created July 2018

Shrewsbury Gate

Shrewsbury is a town we are always visiting, I find endless inspiration there. This pattern is inspired by a huge pair of gates to a court yard, just near the Quarry

Created September 2018


A commission from my eldest boy, Charlie. A Pattern for some Wallpaper for his room. The brief included the colour blue and Porsche logo. In the spirit of Peggy Angus,  I saw this as an incentive to invention, not frustration! I’ve included the stripes and the antlers of the iconic Porsche logo.. not in the most obvious way. The Porsche head office is in Stuttgart, this felt like a fitting name for this pattern.

Created Aug 2019